Northfield holds spectacular Winter Walk celebration

What a great night to be in Northfield! On the first Thursday of every December, thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and the downtown community, Northfield hosts Winter Walk. It is a festive celebration of the holidays, and it is even more fun when we have snow on the ground! Main street is blocked off, the trees are decked out with lights and the streets are lined with luminaries. There are also multiple bonfires to warm yourself, a tree lighting ceremony, choirs and musicians, free horse-drawn wagon rides, Santa Claus, hot chocolate, hot cider and much, much more! Many of the stores have special items planned on this night, such as krumkake baking at the Paper Petalum, S’mores at Premier Bank, band ensembles at Quality Bakery, trains at the Northfield Library, dancing (The NAG Cracker) at the Northfield Arts Guild and Santa Claus, who happens to appear at a few locations. (Not sure how he gets around so much.) 

This event is enjoyed by those who live in town and by many from out of town. When my family and I go downtown, which we have for nearly every year for the 20 years that the event has been held, we see many friends and enjoy treats in many of the stores. This year they even had a parade AND fireworks! It is a wonderful time to enjoy the holidays and even do some shopping. There are MANY great stores in downtown Northfield.

This year I was asked by the Chamber of Commerce to photograph the 20th anniversary of this excellent celebration. I was honored to be asked. I have taken many pictures at this event over the years, so I loved doing it this year for the Chamber. I have uploaded a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy. I hope you like taking this virtual visit to Northfield. Mark Winter Walk on your calendar next December, and be sure to dress warm and bring the family. If you like, please follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for looking! 


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Senior photos for New Prague student

I have been editing some images taken of a New Prague senior, and I wanted to upload just a few of my favorites to my website. As you can see Lauren is a beautiful young woman with a great smile. For her senior portraits, we photographed her in a variety of locations around Northfield. She had a few change of clothes, and she also brought her dog, (Daisy, I think) so that added some fun. The colors were starting to turn, and we captured some images with beautiful fall colors. We didn’t do this photography shoot soon enough so that we had warm temperatures. The temperature had already dropped, and it was quite cold for Lauren! But, she was a trooper — wearing a coat between the pictures helped some. 

I think we captured some great images of Lauren, which I am pretty sure she will like — once I get them finalized and posted, so she can view them. Thanks for looking. 

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What came to visit us during a photoshoot?

I had an amazing experience the other day as I was doing high school senior photography in Inver Grove Heights. We were on a bridge at Swing Bridge Park doing some pictures of Felicia, a senior at Simley High school, when a redtail hawk landed nearby (see pictures). We looked over the bridge to where the hawk was sitting on the ground, then we watched as the hawk flew to a scenic overlook area and landed on a railing. I guess he wanted to get a better look around. 🙂 Not too surprising, right? Except there was an artist with his easel set up there. The hawk flew and landed right near the guy and sat on the railing just a few feet from him! The painter is Tom McGregor, who was really amazed by this hawk landing so close to him. Tom got out his phone and started taking pictures of the hawk. He even moved around to the other side of his easel, and the hawk didn’t get spooked! It sat there like he was a tame hawk posing for pictures! We were all just amazed at it all because not only did he land there in the first place, he stayed there for several minutes. I took pictures from the ground and Tom took them from eye level with the bird.

We talked to Tom afterwards, and we both shared our images with each other. You can see the images Tom took with his iPhone, and you can see the ones I took from our location down on the bridge. You can even see us on the bridge in one of Tom’s photos. It was just a great experience that happened while we were senior pictures in Inver Grove Heights. I have also included a few of the pictures I captured of Felicia on the bridge.

I love to do senior photography, and we always do them in the great outdoors. While I can’t guarantee any excitement like we had with the hawk during our photoshoot, I can promise you great senior photos! Let me know if you are interested in having me photograph your high school senior. 

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Young artist paints my landscape images

I am going to put in a plug for anyone in the Northfield area to visit the Northfield Arts Guild (NAG) through June 9 to see the high school’s Honors Art display. The high school students, who are seniors and juniors, have done some amazing work that includes pottery, painting, photography and more. The students showing their art have a ton of talent. You won’t believe the work they do; It’s incredible and fun to see. 
art display on wall

Amy’s art display at the NAG.

My daughter, Amy, has art in the show. She combined digital art, acrylics and gesso to create some textured, 3D surreal images. I think she has some outstanding work on display (and I’m not biased at all). 

Another student, Jaclyn, has some paintings that I’m excited about. She paints some amazing landscapes with acrylic on canvas. They look very real, and I love her style and the images. I might be a bit biased about her images, since they are paintings of my photography! 
girl standing by artwork

Jaclyn standing by her artwork.

Jaclyn did an excellent job painting my landscape scenes so the colors and look of the images are very real. In the photo that I show here of Jaclyn with her artwork, you can see the amazing job she has done. In the photo, you can see landscapes from several locations; one I took in Boundary Waters Canoe Area, one in Colorado, one on the North Shore of Lake Superior and one nearby in Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. She has painted a few other pictures of mine as well. When Jaclyn asked if she could paint some of my images, I was happy to let a young artist use my work as a subject to paint. (I was also happy she knew about copyright and that photos cannot be copied – even painted – without permission of the copyright holder.) 

To see Jaclyn’s art up close in all their beautiful detail, stop by the NAG in downtown Northfield, Minnesota. Besides seeing her great work, you can see my daughter’s awesome work and lots of other great high school artists. This Honors Art show happens each spring. Be sure to check it out and see the wonderful artists we have in Northfield.
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Excellent winter weather day

I had a wonderful time this morning taking images around Northfield. I started the day by crosscountry skiing at the Arb. It was foggy and gray, without much great light. I knew images wouldn’t look too great at that time. But as I wrapped up my skiing, the sun started to break through the clouds. I could tell it was going to be awesome. I headed out on Highway 19 and took a few images of an interesting looking tree, just as the sun was peaking through the clouds. 

I then drove past the golf course and saw some gorgeous frosted trees along Spring Creek Road. I headed to downtown Northfield and spent a lot of time by the river and Bridge Square. it was stunning. The frost was being blown off the trees, and with the light behind, it was really awesome. I couldn’t believe it. What a gorgeous morning!

I headed up to St. Olaf College after spending time downtown. The scene at the college was unbelievable! I hope you can see that in some of these images. It was incredible. I haven’t seen a day like this in a long time. 

The frost stayed on the trees for a long time. In fact, I was heading home after a couple of hours of shooting and the trees still looked amazing. As I headed home, the clouds rolled in and the light went flat, but what a great time I had this morning. What you see here is a quick sampling of some of my favorites. I will work on some of the best of these and eventually upload them to my store at Fine Art America. I think they are many here that would make beautiful wall art. Thank you for looking! 

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