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Senior photos for New Prague student

I have been editing some images taken of a New Prague senior, and I wanted to upload just a few of my favorites to my website. As you can see Lauren is a beautiful young woman with a great smile. For her senior portraits, we photographed her in a variety of locations around Northfield. She had a few change of clothes, and she also brought her dog, (Daisy, I think) so that added some fun. The colors were starting to turn, and we captured some images with beautiful fall colors. We didn’t do this photography shoot soon enough so that we had warm temperatures. The temperature had already dropped, and it was quite cold for Lauren! But, she was a trooper — wearing a coat between the pictures helped some. 

I think we captured some great images of Lauren, which I am pretty sure she will like — once I get them finalized and posted, so she can view them. Thanks for looking. 

What came to visit us during a photoshoot?

I had an amazing experience the other day as I was doing high school senior photography in Inver Grove Heights. We were on a bridge at Swing Bridge Park doing some pictures of Felicia, a senior at Simley High school, when a redtail hawk landed nearby (see pictures). We looked over the bridge to where the hawk was sitting on the ground, then we watched as the hawk flew to a scenic overlook area and landed on a railing. I guess he wanted to get a better look around. 🙂 Not too surprising, right? Except there was an artist with his easel set up there. The hawk flew and landed right near the guy and sat on the railing just a few feet from him! The painter is Tom McGregor, who was really amazed by this hawk landing so close to him. Tom got out his phone and started taking pictures of the hawk. He even moved around to the other side of his easel, and the hawk didn’t get spooked! It sat there like he was a tame hawk posing for pictures! We were all just amazed at it all because not only did he land there in the first place, he stayed there for several minutes. I took pictures from the ground and Tom took them from eye level with the bird.

We talked to Tom afterwards, and we both shared our images with each other. You can see the images Tom took with his iPhone, and you can see the ones I took from our location down on the bridge. You can even see us on the bridge in one of Tom’s photos. It was just a great experience that happened while we were senior pictures in Inver Grove Heights. I have also included a few of the pictures I captured of Felicia on the bridge.

I love to do senior photography, and we always do them in the great outdoors. While I can’t guarantee any excitement like we had with the hawk during our photoshoot, I can promise you great senior photos! Let me know if you are interested in having me photograph your high school senior. 

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Northfield senior photography

I love high school senior photography season. I enjoy making portraits of the upcoming graduating students, and this year, I have my own to photograph. (Maybe I’ll have to blog about her if she’ll let me, but not right now.) Anyway, I photographed Hannah who attends Northfield High School. 

I’m happy that Hannah trusted me with the photography for her senior pictures. We did her pictures up at St. Olaf College. Not only is it a great college, but it has many great locations. It is so beautiful and well maintained. The historic buildings can serve as some great backdrops for senior photography. Even a few of the more modern ones work well also. 

I like to start my photography about two hours before sunset. This gives me enough time to capture some great images while the light is at a lower angle in the sky, making more opportunities for gorgeous pictures. The sun was shining bright as we started our photography session, so I started with some pictures on the east side of Old Main. As it got lower in the sky, it produced some great light for backlighting Hannah.

Hannah was very relaxed, and we got some excellent photos of her. When I photograph seniors, I try to do a variety of photographs, so that I get some full length shots, mid-range and also close ups portraits. When we are done, the high school senior has a variety of images from which to choose. They should be able to select some for the wall, gifts for others, some for online as well as one appropriate for the school yearbook. 

By capturing a variety of images, I am able to produce a custom-made invitation for their open house. The open house invitations not only do the job of letting people know when the party is, they also provide a nice keepsake of a variety of images that others can enjoy. 

Anyway, my hope for Hannah – and every senior I photograph – is that she finds many excellent photos to enjoy. I hope I hear from her family, as I do from many others, “There are too many good ones. We don’t know which to pick.” That’s my goal as I photograph seniors. 🙂 

Gift idea: Photobook for your graduate

I had a father from Chicago contact me about doing some photography of his daughter who was a senior at St. Olaf College in Northfield. They wanted to make a photo book with some professional pictures of her life at college. She played ultimate frisbee, and they gave me her game schedule, so I went in stealth mode and photographed her and her team playing.

It was loads of fun, even though I felt a little bit like a stalker. I captured her making some great catches and throws, and then I turned away and acted like I was photographing other frisbee players or other teams that were nearby. I don’t often get to do sports photography, but I do enjoy it a lot.

The final book contains images that the family shared with me as well as my original photography. I have also taken many stock images of St. Olaf College over the years, so I used some of those in the book.

The final hard cover fine art book turned out great. It provided a little snapshot of her time at college that she can keep for the rest of her life.

I think this is a great idea for any parents who are looking for a unique gift idea. Artistic, high quality photobooks are a great gift anytime! But of course, I’m a photographer, so I’m a bit biased.

High School Senior Photography Season

I can’t believe another high school senior photography season is upon us already. They come around really fast. I love photographing high school seniors. I used to do seniors inside in a studio, with an option to photograph students outside. I always loved it when one would pay extra to have pictures taken outside. However, I have been photographing graduates outside for many years now, with no extra charge. Since photography has gotten more casual overall, I find many families are fine just photographing their seniors outside. 

If you are going to have your senior portraits taken outside, Northfield is a great community to do that in. While I photograph seniors from around the area, such as Lakeville, Apple Valley, Cannon Falls, Farmington, Faribault and more, they love the options that are presented to them for photography in Northfield. 

Usually we start out at St. Olaf, which offers many great opportunities for photography. I continue to find new locations up on the hill that offer a variety of backdrops and settings. For many of the senior photographs, we move down the hill and do photography in the downtown area also. (I don’t charge extra for multiple locations.) Again, many options abound. I love some of the alleyways we have in Northfield. They have character. Also, we can do some photography by the river and the river walk area. Sometimes we’ll do some on the sidewalk in front of a business or behind a business by the fire escape. There are many options for high school senior photography locations, and I’m also open to your suggestions. 

I like senior photography and trying to bring out the senior’s personality in the images. I work to put them at ease and help them relax while we are getting ready to take the pictures and while we take them. Overall, I think most of my clients find the process enjoyable. I often do siblings of those I have photographed years before, so that says something about how the process went and how they liked their pictures. So, if you have a senior and you are looking for a place to have his or her senior pictures done, please contact me. I’d love to talk to you about them. Thanks for looking.