Stock Photography

Joe Miller has been shooting stock photography for decades, and his files include transparency and digital images. His work has been used in travel guides, books, magazines, promotional materials and annual reports. His files contain thousands of images of a variety of subjects: general lifestyle, agricultural, travel, scenic, utility industry, Minnesota events and more. International travel includes images from Kenya, Africa, Minsk, Belarus; Amsterdam, Netherlands and Moscow, Russia.

He specializes in American scenic photography and Minnesota images. American scenics include images from Yosemite National Park, California; Lake Tahoe, Nevada; Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota; Shenandoah National Park, Virginia; White Mountains, New Hampshire; Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming; Florida Everglades; Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado and more. The collection also includes a large selection of images of Washington, D.C.

Whether you need images for advertising, editorial illustration, wall décor or more, please email or call Joe Miller to discuss your photography usage needs and specific subject requests.