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What came to visit us during a photoshoot?

I had an amazing experience the other day as I was doing high school senior photography in Inver Grove Heights. We were on a bridge at Swing Bridge Park doing some pictures of Felicia, a senior at Simley High school, when a redtail hawk landed nearby (see pictures). We looked over the bridge to where the hawk was sitting on the ground, then we watched as the hawk flew to a scenic overlook area and landed on a railing. I guess he wanted to get a better look around. 🙂 Not too surprising, right? Except there was an artist with his easel set up there. The hawk flew and landed right near the guy and sat on the railing just a few feet from him! The painter is Tom McGregor, who was really amazed by this hawk landing so close to him. Tom got out his phone and started taking pictures of the hawk. He even moved around to the other side of his easel, and the hawk didn’t get spooked! It sat there like he was a tame hawk posing for pictures! We were all just amazed at it all because not only did he land there in the first place, he stayed there for several minutes. I took pictures from the ground and Tom took them from eye level with the bird.

We talked to Tom afterwards, and we both shared our images with each other. You can see the images Tom took with his iPhone, and you can see the ones I took from our location down on the bridge. You can even see us on the bridge in one of Tom’s photos. It was just a great experience that happened while we were senior pictures in Inver Grove Heights. I have also included a few of the pictures I captured of Felicia on the bridge.

I love to do senior photography, and we always do them in the great outdoors. While I can’t guarantee any excitement like we had with the hawk during our photoshoot, I can promise you great senior photos! Let me know if you are interested in having me photograph your high school senior. 

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Graduation pictures

Now is the time many high school seniors are having their graduation pictures done. I recently completed an outdoor photography sitting with Jennifer from Lakeville, MN. We had a great time taking senior pictures around Northfield. I like to do photographs at St. Olaf, downtown Northfield, and a few other locations. Jennifer was a great subject and we got some great graduation pictures. Here is just a small sampling. I’m still doing work on the others, which I will upload to a website, so Jennifer can show her family and friends all the beautiful pictures we captured.


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Senior Portrait Photography – Kylie

Here’s some photos of a recent senior photography portrait session I did with Kylie from Lakeville, MN. We had a great time taking photographs around Northfield. We did some photos at St. Olaf College, which has some great locations for outdoor portraits. We also photographed in downtown Northfield, the city of cows, colleges and contentment. So, while we didn’t find any cows during her photo session, we did find a college and contentment — Kylie said she loves her photographs.

If you are in the market for graduation pictures — whether you live in Lakeville, Apple Valley, Lonsdale, Farmington or other communities — please contact me. You’ll receive personalized attention and beautiful photographs.


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Senior photography season is here

Senior photography season is here. Some people ask me when they should have their senior pictures done. Typically, you can plan to make a photography appointment from the time you finish your junior year of high school (May or June) until about December. The only real deadline is to make sure you have them done in time so that you can get a picture into your yearbook. It would be a  real bummer to miss the deadline to be in your yearbook during your senior year! I believe the yearbook photo deadline for Northfield High School is in December. Each student should receive information from the school on that.

I do all my senior photography outdoors, so don’t wait until snow flies, unless you want to do them in the snow. Some people do, but if standing in fresh snow for your pictures isn’t your thing, don’t worry, you have a couple of months to get them done. I’m open for sessions, just contact me and we can discuss your graduation pictures, whether you are attending Northfield, or Apple Valley, Lakeville, Farmington, Rosemount, Faribault or other surrounding communities.




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